Customized software for clinical research.

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Grant Preparation Assistance

I can help with software description, scope analysis, and cost estimation when you're writing your grant application. My estimates are guaranteed for 12 months with no obligation. When your study gets funded (yay!) you'll be able start your clinical study on time and on budget.

App Development

I provide custom-build apps for clinical research studies and trials. I handle all the technical details so you can focus on what you do best. Smartphone apps for iPhone, Android, and the web. Dashboards and reports provide researchers with instant insight into user activity and data analysis. All backed with HIPAA-compliant data security.

Predictable Pricing, 12-Month Guarantees

I understand the constraints of NIH grants and how to balance them with your desire for great technology. Strategic analysis for least-cost investment combined with up-front pricing gives you control and predictability over your budget.

Friendly & Professional

I work with academic researchers who need apps and data collection services. This is not your typical "dev shop." The engineering, methodology, pricing, and collaboration style are specifically tailored for clinical researchers.

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