Customized software for clinical research

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Text Message Interventions

Send messages based on the calendar, Fitbit data, a reminder schedule, or anything else your study protocol requires. Personalize them based on participant data, activity trends, or any other rules. Ask interactive questions to collect valuable study data and to optimize message personalization.


Smart CBT Interventions

Adaptive/JITAI CBT mobile-web apps with dynamic text, video, and audio content. Content can be self-guided, algorithm-bound, or anywhere in between. Short assessments can integrated with participant activity, content completion milestones, or custom events.


HIPAA-Compliant Surveys

Tired of wrestling with Redcap to deliver modern, adapative, and engaging surveys? Our intelligent survey platform provides all of the essentials for one-off and recurring surveys, all in a HIPAA-compliant environment.


Fitbit-Based Studies and Interventions

Integrate physical activity, sleep quality, and nutrition habits with custom algorithms to deliver compelling studies and interventions. Track each participant's real-time data for analysis, to deliver text messages, or to personalize dynamic CBT content.

High Engagement

Compelling text messages increase the chances of capturing fantastic data during your study. Our expertise in algorithmic rules engines combined with sensible personalization will increase engagement, so you can get the best outcomes possible from your study.

REDCap Integration

Using REDcap for surveys, recruitment, and even enrollment? No problem! We can tap securely into your REDCap instance and stream any necessary data into our system automatically.

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